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With its roots in ancient Egypt, India and China, reflexology is one of the oldest forms of complementary therapy. It is based on the theory that there are microsystems on the feet that connect to specific areas and organs in the body. Massaging points and zones on the feet can stimulate these corresponding areas, helping to keep the body functioning at optimum level.

A reflexologist looks for areas of sensitivity or deposits on the feet that indicate potential weaknesses in the body. By working on these areas, it is possible to help the body recover.

I offer two types of treatment:

1) A general or maintenance treatment where I work the whole foot in sequence. This suits people who like to use reflexology as a way of preventing illness. It is a deep, relaxing treatment that is fantastic for combating the effects of stress.

2) A more clinical treatment that targets specific conditions or complaints. After palpating the foot, I focus on the areas related to the problem. These areas can be quite sensitive, but the more time spent on them, the better. The emphasis here is much more on how the client feels after the treatment than on how relaxing the treatment feels at the time.

Number and frequency of treatments is key to recovery. While some straightforward complaints can be resolved in one or two sessions, more complex problems may require a longer course of treatments. When treating specific complaints the ideal frequency is twice a week.

Rupert used reflexology to successfully treat muscular pains I was experiencing in the hip and lower back. As I result, I cancelled a planned appointment with a physiotherapist. I would recommend Rupert to anyone looking for a reflexology specialist. In my experience, the results have been outstanding. - Ravjeen Gill

​Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem

Developed by the world renowned reflexologist Lone Sorensen, Facial Reflexology is a unique treatment that combines knowledge of Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points with South American Indian body maps and Vietnamese Dien’ Cham’ techniques.

Using only my fingers and a light rosehip oil, the treatment involves precise stimulation of acupressure points, neurological points and body maps on the face. The stimulation sends impulses through the body’s central nervous system to specific organs and parts of the body. As with foot reflexology, I feels for deposits in the tissue that indicate where there might be weaknesses, and then focus the treatment accordingly.

It is a very relaxing treatment which leaves the skin glowing, as well as being effective at combating a wide range of conditions.

I use it mainly when working with hormonal disorders, sleep problems and issues with the skin.

"Rupert has been treating me at my place of work once a week for approximately three months now. Each time, the treatment has felt so good and has left me feeling refreshed and relaxed. It has helped me deeply with menstrual pain. I highly recommend Rupert, he is professional and creates a comfortable and relaxed space. Reflexology has been so helpful to me as it has subsided my pain almost completely and leaves me feeling renewed each time." - Eleni Demetriou

Japanese Facial Lifting Massage

Also developed by Lone Sorensen, this soothing facial massage combines elements of the Facial Reflexology treatment with traditional Japanese facial massage techniques. While this is ostensibly a beauty-treatment, it also has fantastic health and relaxation benefits. After all, how we look and how we feel are inextricably linked.

Using just my fingers and either a rose-hip or frankincense oil, the treatment begins with a gentle stimulation of selected facial acupuncture points. I then assess the reflexology zones using slow pulling motions before focusing the treatment accordingly. This is followed by the Japanese Facial Massage and lymphatic drainage techniques, which are slow, deep and hypnotic.

As well as treating the outer layer of the skin, these combined methods work the meridians, facial nerves and muscles, ensuring a balancing effect for the whole body.

It’s amazing how wonderful this treatment feels. Out of all of them, this probably sends you into the deepest state of relaxation, and you look great after it too!

Japanese Facial Lifting can be used as a one-off treatment, giving you a radiant glow and helping you feel relaxed before a special occasion or meeting. Or as a course of treatments, helping to reduce lines and wrinkles, and improve the texture of the skin.

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