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Do you have chronic back, hip or knee pain, muscle discomfort, or stress-related issues?

Did you know that the answer to all these problems may lie in your feet?

With 26 bones, 33 joints and over 7000 nerve endings in each foot, the feet are the body's unsung heroes. They are the body's only contact with the ground when standing, they help with balance, shock absorption and are key to all movement. As such even the slightest restriction or dysfunction in the feet will effect the rest of the body.

As well as all this, they also provide us with means to access and affect the body's health through reflexology.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a specialist massage on the feet (the hands or face can also be used) that involves many different thumb, finger and hand techniques and pressures. The theory is that the feet are micro-systems of the body, and by applying pressure to specific parts of them you can have an effect on the corresponding part of the body.

When a reflexologist works the feet, they are looking for small deposits and/or areas of sensitivity. These often indicate areas of potential weakness in the body and/or potential causes of health issues they might be suffering from. By applying pressure and massaging these sensitive areas, it is possible to help the body heal itself and enable it to function at it's optimum level.

It's a profoundly relaxing treatment, works wonders with foot mobility & function, and if targeted in the right way, can help the body recover from a wide range of conditions.


"I can honestly say the work Rupert has done on my feet has changed my life and made it possible for me to dance to my fullest potential." - Francesca Hayward - Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet


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Who has reflexology?

Anyone and everyone. From young children to professional athletes to the elderly and infirm, and anyone in between.

They come for all sorts of reasons but on the whole divide into two distinct groups.

The first group is those that have reflexology as a preventative treatment ie they use reflexology as a way of maintaining their health. Often it is to aid relaxation and to mitigate the effects of stress. Some come once a month, others once a week. It depends on their stress levels and their ability to manage it. The people I see most frequently tend to either run their own businesses or have high pressure jobs or lives. Without regular reflexology the continual stress starts to impact on them and their health begins to suffer.

The second group is those that come with a particular condition or illness and are looking for help in recovering. Typical clients are looking for relief from pain (eg headaches, sinusitis, abdominal pain, neck/shoulder/back pain, plantar fasciitis etc), stress-related issues (eg anxiety, sleep problems and more severe conditions such as auto-immune illnesses ), and also help with any hormonal problems or changes they are going through (eg irregular menstrual cycle, fertility issues, pregnancy related ailments, menopause etc).

For a more detailed explanation on reflexology click here


"An expert in foot and face reflexology."
The London Magazine - Five of the best reflexologists


Areas of Specialty

Clients come to see me with all sorts of complaints, however there are a few areas I specialize in where I think my treatments can be particularly beneficial.

Reflexology for Stress
So many conditions have a root cause in stress. Stress is all over the newspapers yet is still not fully understood by everyone. Stress is a normal part of everyday life. It can be positive as well as negative, and a lot of us need it to thrive. However we do need to do things to mitigate the effects. Left unchecked it gradually weakens the body, effects sleep and energy levels and can eventually lead to illness.
Reflexology is an excellent way of minimizing the impact of stress on the body. A large proportion of my clients come for help with stress-related conditions.

Foot related problems
Such as plantar fasciitis, bunions etc. This is an area that often gets overlooked. A gentle mobilisation of the bones and a thorough working through of all the muscles, ligaments and tendons can work wonders for a number of foot problems. No other treatment works the feet as thoroughly or as long.

Unresolved chronic pain
Many people come to me as a last resort. They have been to see doctors, physios, osteopaths and acupuncturists in an effort to be free of pain, but to no avail. Reflexology approaches and accesses the body in a completely different way to other therapies, and it's amazing how often the key to pain or a muscular/skeletal tightness elsewhere in the body can lie in the feet.

Reflexology and Pregnancy
The perfect treatment to have during pregnancy. Helps ease the body through all the different stages and many clients have said how it helps with things like oedema, reflux and back pain. Go to the Reflexology and Pregnancy page for more info.

Reflexology for improving athletic performance
Over the last couple of years I’ve been seeing a lot of sports related clients, whether they’re professional athletes or dancers or people who just do it for fun. Reflexology isn't the first therapy that springs to mind when you talk about sport but you'd be surprised how effective it is. Not only does it help with the physical side of things, speeding up the body's recovery and also helping prevent injury. It also helps with the mental aspect of sport, helping people get 'in the zone' and giving them that competitive edge which is so important. You can find out more on the Sports Reflexology page

Beauty and anti-aging
Both the Facial Reflexology and the Japanese Lifting treatments are very effective at this.


"Results are hugely impressive and still discernible two weeks later. Highly highly recommended" - Natural Health & Beauty - 6 of the best holistic facials



I offer Reflexology/Deep tissue foot massage, Facial Reflexology/Japanese Facial Lifting and Anatomy in Motion at the following clinics:

St Johns Osteopathy & Acupuncture
54 Abbey Gardens
St Johns Wood
London NW8 9AT

10 minutes walk from both St Johns Wood & Maida Vale tube stations. It is also easily accessible from West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage & Queen's Park

Home Clinic
Kensal Green / Harlesden
London NW10 4EG

Home Visits

I prefer to see people at the clinics but for those who can't make it, I offer home and office visits in the boroughs of Brent, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster & Hammersmith & Fulham. Price depends on time and proximity to NW10 4EG


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