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Reflexology and Stress

Having worked in a high-pressure office environment for over ten years before I trained as a reflexologist - and having treated high-achieving, often highly stressed clients in the 15 years since I qualified - I am very aware of how stress can impact an individual, both physically and emotionally.

Stress can trigger irritability, insomnia, anxiety and depression; it weakens the immune system, which in turn can lead to physical illness. In fact, stress is at the root of around 75 percent of illnesses we face today.

The majority of stresses are unavoidable, and in fact many of us need and thrive off stress. What we do need to do is minimize the impact they have on us. Reflexology is a fantastic way to reduce the effects of stress. It helps to promote relaxation, stimulate vital organs and encourage the natural healing processes of the body. All essential in keeping the effects of stress at bay.

By relieving stress and tension, reflexology can prevent illness. Regular reflexology can also speed recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses.

The effects of stress are insidious. They creep up unnoticed - and so people tend not to be individually proactive about combating them until it’s too late, particularly men. Many of my clients who come with stress-related problems have already been signed off work, and it's only now they are looking to reflexology for help. If they had been made aware of it's benefits and had access to it earlier then their situations would never have got that critical.

That is why it is key for companies to raise awareness and start offering preventative treatments such as reflexology.

"As a secondary school teacher, I suffer from stress and sleep problems. During Rupert's sessions, I totally relax and often fall into R.E.M. sleep, awaking to feel much less stressed. I also notice that I sleep much better following treatments. I have been to other reflexologists but they do not have the same effect. I thoroughly recommend Rupert's treatments." - Dev Nayar

How employers can help

So much we do in society today is reactive as opposed to proactive. Reflexology is at it's most effective as a preventative treatment. If we could encourage employers to offer reflexology to their staff, the costs would be more than outweighed by benefits such as:

• Less sickness and absenteeism.

• Relief from stress-related conditions, from headaches and migraine to insomnia.

• Better concentration, leading to greater productivity and fewer mistakes.

• Improved creativity and planning.

• Better decision-making under pressure.

• Improved staff morale.

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